Why customize labels?

In the simplest sense, customizing labels allows you to tailor labels to your needs and your liking. If you have a specific message or design, don't just settle for standard templates, get the label you want!

The best online label providers allow you to customize your asset label in addition to their standard templates. Custom options abound. Among the most eye-catching customizations is having your company’s logo printed directly onto the asset tags. Most vendors give you the option to upload your official logo, so the asset tags are doing double duty — they’re the backbone of your asset management system and they enhance your company’s brand. Asset tags can also be printed with your contact information. Should your property be stolen or simply misplaced, whoever finds it can get directly in touch with you.

Further custom options allow you to change size, color, text and even material — from vinyl and aluminum, to polyester. All these types of asset tags are spill-proof and weather-resistant — they’re made to last. Aluminum tags are sleek and attractive, but alsoknown for its rugged durability. Aluminum tags areespecially recommended if your equipment will be stored or used in outdoor environments. If you're on a tighter budget, opt for equally durable but less expensive-looking vinyl or polyester.

Labels can be customized with barcodes, sequential numbering or plaintext. Barcodes and numbering allow for faster and better inventory management. Plain text gives you room for more information, so you can fill up the tag with information that you don’t need a scanner to read, like your phone number, email address, company name or specific warnings and notices.

If deterring thieves is your top priority, choose labels with anti-theft safeguards like self-destructing material or voiding labels. When tampered with, voiding labels leave a clearly visible pattern reading “VOID” where the label had been. Self-destructing labels will fall apart as a would-be thief attempts to peel is off — meaning the label can’t be taken off and placed on a less valuable item. A missing asset will be immediately apparent in your inventory.

If visibility is your priority, opt for reflective material so labels can be seen in the dark. You can also choosebright colors like yellow and orange to catch viewers' eyes, or use the array of colors to color code as well as tag your property.

Plus, most places allow you to choose how you want your label to arrive, whether on a roll, in sheets or on a strip.

Custom Printed Labels
Customize your asset label to get the design you want!