The case for asset labels

In a nutshell, asset labels are important because they establish ownership of property — and help differentiate your assets from others. That's not all, though, and here are our top six reasons why asset labels are a great investment:

  • Asset Management: Organizations need all the help they can get when it comes to tracking assets, especially very expensive — but portable — property, like computers, power tools or electronics. Amplified by the problem of employee theft, many companies find asset labels an indispensable deterrent and one of the most helpful tools in their asset management system. Plus, an asset management system using labels encourages employees to take greater responsibility for equipment. If they see that the company prioritizes asset management, they are more likely to be cautious with the assets they handle. Asset labels are an essential means of not only keeping track of company property, but also for monitoring maintenance and service repairs.

  • Inventory: Barcoded labels with sequential numbers are particularly instrumental in taking inventory since they can be easily scanned with a barcode scanner. This speeds up the process dramatically, as opposed to having an employee record the items by hand in a ledger.

  • Tracking and Recovery: Asset labels can indicate ownership through plaintext (a simple listing of company information), numberingor barcodes. If your assets get misplaced or stolen, this information can be used to trace your equipment or help others return the equipment to you.

  • Lawful Recourse: Labels are basic tracking devices that keep a record of who last checked out an asset and when. Using this record history, legal action can be taken against thieves or negligent employees.

  • Theft Deterrent: Some of the best asset labels on the market have tamper-resistant and tamper-evident features that can help protect your assets. Voiding asset labels reveal a "VOID" pattern when anyone tries to tamper or remove the label. Destructible asset labels — you've guessed it — self-destruct by breaking apart if tampered with, so would-be thieves can’t game your asset management system byremoving, then affixing your asset tag on a cheaper replacement of your property. For optimum security, place these labels on your most sensitive equipment.

  • Professional Branding: Many online label vendors let you to customize your label with your company logo or name. This minor marketing technique goes a long way in enhancing your company's brand.
Tamper Evident Labels
Tamper-evident labels let you know when someone has attempted to peel off your sticker.